Introducing the New Toyota C-HR

With the new Toyota C-HR, you can get a vehicle that matches your personal style. This popular subcompact SUV is available at John O'Neil Johnson Toyota. You can get it with some great exterior upgrades that push the vehicle's distinct style even further.

The C-HR is available in a range of colors. While Toyota does offer some familiar neutral hues like gray and black, you can turn heads with some of the line's more vibrant options. Neon exterior paint colors, such as Blue Flame, stand out on the streets and complement the vehicle's distinct exterior shape perfectly.

Toyota also offers a few different wheels for the C-HR. The standard wheels look great and can help you achieve a dynamic driving experience. However, you can upgrade to Sport Wheels for a more stylish look. They are 18 inches in diameter and are made of a machined aluminum alloy. The vortex design is aggressive and modern. To accentuate the design, black paint is also applied.



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