Five Businesses You Can Start in a New Toyota SUV

If you're in need of a new source of income, or you're just the entrepreneurial type, here's five businesses you can start when you own a Toyota SUV!

  1. Painting Company: Lay down that tarp, then throw in your grip & pressure washer, because painting businesses are super easy to start & succeed with, especially when you drive an SUV!
  2. Cleaning Services: Are you a neat freak in need of a new career path? Then get yourself a new Toyota SUV and start a residential or commercial cleaning service!
  3. eBay Business: Do you like rummaging through rummage sales? What about grabbing good deals from garage sales? If so, get on the road and put all those deals in the back of your SUV and get them home so you can put them up on eBay & make money doing what you already love doing!
  4. Mobile Grooming: There’s more than enough room in the back of your next SUV to put in your grooming table, tools and handmade bandanas for your favorite furry friends. If you've got your grooming license and you're ready to start your own business, you can make the most of your Toyota SUV's space.
  5. Independent Courier: Do you enjoy driving as a main component of your daily activities? Then starting an Indie Courier job is a great way to fulfill that need AND keep your bills paid.

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