Overview of Dynamic Toyota Corolla Technology Features

The Toyota Corolla is built with a number of dynamic technology features. The technology features on the Toyota Corolla include its innovative pre-collision system. The pre-collision system comes complete with pedestrian alert. It is designed to apply brake pressure in a manner that aids in avoiding collisions.

The Toyota Corolla includes an integrated backup camera. The backup camera provides a wide view and projected pathway indicators.

The vehicle features a power moonroof. The moonroof enhances the overall look and feel of the Toyota Corolla.

The Toyota Corolla has what is called the Toyota Entune. Entune gives you access to entertainment and navigation all from a single user-friendly screen.

If you find yourself with questions about your Toyota Corolla or its technological features, visit us at John O’Neil Johnson Toyota. Our team can provide you all the answers you need about Toyota Corolla technology features.



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