Toyota Tacoma Comes with an Abundance of Safety Features

Our team at John O'Neil Johnson wanted to talk about the new Toyota Tacoma and the safety features that make this popular midsize pickup truck the vehicle to own this year.

One of the features in your new Toyota Tacoma that can help keep you safe behind the wheel is the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Activate and choose your speed, the system uses radar technology to search ahead for a lead car, using it to create a buffer zone. This buffer zone is them constantly maintained as your vehicle speeds up or slows down on its own.

The Lane-Keeping system can help the driver of the Toyota Tacoma be in a better position to recognize if the vehicle has begun to drift out of the lanes. If this happens, sensors on the vehicle pointed at the road will send vibrations to the steering wheel, creating a sensation like driving over rumble strips, instantly getting the attention of the driver.



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