Toyota 86: Made for Powerful Performance

If you love a sporty vehicle, the Toyota 86 is made for you. Check out the features that give it the power and performance you want.

What makes the two-liter Boxer-Four engine potent? It has horizontally-opposed pistons and compact packaging, and it sits low enough in the chassis to provide optimal balance and performance. Get 200 plus horsepower and more than 150 pound-foot of torque. 

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Arrive with Authority: Toyota Camry

There are enough places in life where you simply show up. Isn’t it time you arrive with authority?

With the 2018 Toyota Camry, you can do just that. Heads will turn to check out the Camry’s powerful shape and strong surfaces. Between the emphatic lines on the front grille and the sleek rear spoiler, this is a vehicle that demands attention.

For an additional lasting impression, the available dual exhaust with chrome tips sounds as good as it looks.

Toyota has decked out the Camry with rear LED taillights to ensure your vehicle is visible, especially when you…
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Choose the Toyota RAV4 for Its Performance Features

A popular crossover SUV might seem hard to find but there are actually some options for you when that is what you are looking to buy. If you want that type of an automobile and you want it to perform well, trust the team at John O'Neil Johnson Toyota to get you into a Toyota RAV4.

Heated mirrors are a special performance feature that not all vehicles will give you but you can get that feature when you purchase the RAV4 from Toyota. If towing a heavy load is something that you feel you will want to do with…
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Distinctive Exterior Features on the Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry has always been a popular sedan, and the Camry Hybrid is equally popular by never sacrificing in exterior style. Everything from the wheels to the headlights has been honed to a stylish finish that we think that you'll appreciate.

The details on a car's exterior are important, so the Camry Hybrid's wheels and headlight have distinctive details that are designed to draw you in. The 18-in. alloy wheels are designed with spokes with dual shafts. And don't forget about the LED headlights and tail lights. They're designed to light up the highway…

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Safety Technology in the 2018 Toyota Prius

With the 2018 Prius, Toyota has built a vehicle that's capable of helping you stay alert and safe on the road. This popular compact hybrid has many optional safety features that use advanced technology to monitor your surroundings.

One useful feature is the Pre-Collision System. Radar and a camera built into the front of the vehicle work together to detect potential hazards before they happen. If the system detects a possible collision, it will alert you with audible cues. It may apply additional braking force to help you come to a stop. If you don't react in time…

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Experience Easy Maneuverability in the 2018 Toyota Tundra

Backing out of tight parking spaces or connecting a trailer can be a tough job in a large pickup. However, the 2018 Toyota Tundra makes it easy with its built-in technology. This popular full-sized pickup truck is designed with ease-of-use and flexibility in mind.

The Tundra has a rearview camera on the back bumper. It comes standard on all models. The camera is connected to the infotainment center inside to provide you with a clear view as you drive. It utilizes a wide-angle lens to increase your field of view. There are also distance indicators, so you always know how…

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Check Out These Toyota Tacoma Safety Features

Looking for a popular midsize pickup truck that is safer than most other vehicles? Give the new Toyota Tacoma a closer look and see why drivers are raving.

The new Toyota Tacoma is working hard to keep you safe at night. When the vehicle reaches a set speed, the Automatic High Beams activate and allow you to see further. If another car is coming towards you, the system lowers to the low beams until clear then will toggle back up the high beams.

In order to help drivers stay alert while driving, the Toyota Tacoma also features the Lane Departure…

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Let’s Take a Look at the 2018 Toyota C-HR Safety Features

Are you looking for a reliable subcompact SUV? If you are, you should consider the 2018 Toyota C-HR. The 2018 model offers a wide range of features that make it a safe, reliable, and stylish subcompact SUV. Read further to learn about a few safety features that come equipped with the 2018 Toyota C-HR.

The new model offers high-tensile-strength steel that boosts handling performance by helping to stiffen the chassis. The high-tensile-strength steel also helps increase body rigidity but still provides you with a seamless ride.

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Overview of Dynamic Toyota Corolla Technology Features

The Toyota Corolla is built with a number of dynamic technology features. The technology features on the Toyota Corolla include its innovative pre-collision system. The pre-collision system comes complete with pedestrian alert. It is designed to apply brake pressure in a manner that aids in avoiding collisions.

The Toyota Corolla includes an integrated backup camera. The backup camera provides a wide view and projected pathway indicators.

The vehicle features a power moonroof. The moonroof enhances the overall look and feel of the Toyota Corolla.

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The Exciting List of Toyota Avalon Safety Features

Wondering why so many people are talking about the all-new Toyota Avalon full-size sedan? Check out just a couple of the exciting safety features in this vehicle.

Driving your Avalon at night is going to be the safest possible driving experience. The Automatic High Beams system turns on the high beams if there is no traffic detected on either side of the road. If a car is in your lane or oncoming traffic, it will switch to the low beams automatically.

Take the Avalon out on the highway and open it up, then set your speed. With the Dynamic Radar…

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